Athlete Expectations

· Be at all practices and games. If you must be absent, please notify the Athletic Department (x2204) or your coach as soon as possible. However, you must be in school for 6 periods to participate in any sports activities that day. A student must check in at the Secondary Office by homeroom period to be able to participate in that day, for practice or game.
· Be on time for all practices and games. It is imperative on game days that you are ready to leave BEFORE the scheduled departure. Our travel schedule is challenging on many levels, please respect the departure times.
· Take exceptional care of all HCA uniforms and equipment. We provide high-quality uniforms and equipment that your parents help pay for. We need to pass equipment down as our programs grow. Always wash uniforms separately in cold water and hang dry only. No ironing!  Any uniforms not returned or returned damaged, a fee will be charged to your account.
· Students must maintain an overall grade average of at least C (2.0) to participate in athletic and extracurricular events (more info in extracurricular eligibility section). The grade status is based upon midterm and semester grades. At any time, a failing grade may result in ineligibility until the grade is improved by the student.
. Students are to communicate with teachers prior to leaving early for a sporting event to reschedule any tests or homework.
· Display a Christ-like attitude at all times. You are always representing your Lord and HCA, be it on the field or in the classroom. We expect you to maintain the highest standard of respect and sportsmanship.
· To earn a Varsity letter an athlete must participate in approximately 50% of the high school varsity games/matches for a particular sport. We reserve the right for coach’s to make a determination for players who make significant contributions to the varsity team.  All seniors will letter in their respective sport.
· If any student athlete has concerns regarding playing and practice issues, please communicate with your coach immediately.
· The captain for each team is responsible for organizing a coach(s) gift at the end of the season. (See Captains Expectation section)
HCA ATHLETICS/HCA Athletic Statement – Student Athletes Expectations