Coaches Expectations

· Exemplify Christ-like leadership, attitude and behavior at all times. Lead by example and understand that you are an important role model for the student athletes. Students are watching your response to officials and we want to show respect to these authorities and exhibit self-control even in difficult game situations.  Remember, you are the public face of HCA.
· Have a regular devotion and prayer time with your team. Please pray with your team before or after each game.
· Treat every athlete with dignity and respect.   You are a significant influence in their lives.  Endeavor to encourage and support your athletes at all times.
· At school events, the coach is the school’s representative and is responsible for the behavior of our players and our fans.  At school events, the coach is the school’s representative and is responsible for the behavior of our players and our fans.
· Be organized and on time for all practices and games. Write out your practice plans in an outline format. Keep organizational notes of the teams progress through the year. To earn a Varsity letter an athlete must participate in 50% of the high school games for a particular sport. All seniors will letter in their respective sport. This will be authorized by the Athletic Director.
· Be fair and judicious with playing time in games. Communicate to each player their respective roles so they understand what to expect. Participation is a priority over winning in middle school and high school JV.   We leave varsity playing time to your discretion, but reserve the opportunity to discuss situations as they may arise.
· Keep a record of your basic team statistics on the MSHSL (All Rosters V/JV/B/C and Varsity Schedule must be on MSHSL) and Sports On-line through the Star Tribune. It is important to stay current so parents, alumni and opponents can stay current. Report all scores to the Athletic Office at 763-463-2204. Make sure you check the MSHSL to stay current on rating the officials.
· Keep track of all equipment and uniforms/roster on a regular basis. Forms are given from the Athletic office for consistency. Equipment should be cleaned at the end of the season and placed in the varsity cage. Last practice of the season all uniforms will be turned into the Coach and put away in storage.
· Please bring one of our HCA Medical Kits along to each game. Make sure they are fully stocked before taking a med kit.
· The coach has the authority to ask a student or parent to leave the game if they are being disruptive or abusive.
· Communicate any problems to the Athletic Director ASAP.
· The HCA Board has established a policy that states we are not to schedule activities during evening hours on Wednesdays so that students are free to participate in their church services and youth groups. Therefore Wednesday practices are to be concluded at 4:45pm.
· Social Networking – Faculty and staff should refrain from social networking with current HCA students for the protection of the Academy and its employees and families. It is important to clarify that while the Academy administration does not actively seek student violations occurring off campus, as a member of the HCA community, a student’s behavior beyond our walls continues to impact our whole community. Therefore, if a questionable behavior is brought to the attention of the administration, there is an obligation to investigate carefully, and when necessary, hold students accountable for the standard of behavior appropriate for an Academy student. This would include behavior on social outings, pictures posted or statements made on social networking sites, content of text messages, and the like. As our students grow in spiritual maturity, we ask that they continue to remember Philippians 2:3-4. If students “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit” and “in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of others”, it is unlikely that there will be need for intervention. If there is, as Christian educators, the Academy administration will consider it their privilege to carefully guide student through a disciplinary issue.
·  Please remember that your appearance and attire is a reflection of our school to the watching public. Our students are asked to follow our school handbook guidelines regarding personal appearance. We require that our teachers and staff also follow these same guidelines. Coaches MUST be in appropriate coaching apparel (warm-up shorts or pants and a t-shirt).
· Please notify the athletic personnel if any injuries occur during practices or games. We must know about injuries for insurance purposes, and there are forms that need to be filled out. If ANY head injury occurs a doctor must be seen and form filled out for reinstating participation for that athlete.
· The HS Coaches need to attend the MSHSL Rules and Interpretation meeting or take the on-line rules test at the start of each season. Please check the website for dates and locations or on-line access for your sport. Please contact the Athletic office with the date and location and completed code.
· H.S. Coaches are required to keep the MSHSL website up to date with the record and any other stats you feel you can give. The Athletic Office will give you the log on procedures and info regarding this task.
· At the end of each season we ask that you organize/host an athletic banquet for parents and athletes with your captains and their parents. At this event you will share a BRIEF PREPARED statement regarding each player and give them the certificate from HCA (Lettered/Participant).
As a coach, I fully understand and will abide by the following expectations placed on me as a coach of Heritage Christian Academy. Coaches, please sign below stating I will abide by the above.
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HCA ATHLETICS/HCA Athletic Statement – Coaches Expectations