To complete your registration for the 2019-2020 sports programs you must fill out and return the following papers to the Athletic office by August 1, 2019: (1)  MSHSL Sports Qualifying Physical Form and (2) MSHSL Eligibility Brochure (pages 7 & 8) . If papers are not on file in the Athletic office prior to the start of a sport, the student is not eligible to participate.


August 1st is the deadline for you to bring or mail all paperwork to the Athletic office and have signed up for the sports you would like to play this year.

*Heritage Sports Offered & Fees:
Go to “Heritage Sports & Fees 2019-2020” on the web page under the Athletics, then More “tab” and you will see what sports are available this coming year.
*Up-to-date Sports Information Meetings:
We will be having our annual two sports meetings for our middle school and high school programs. We would like all of you playing any sport this entire school year to attend one of the meetings listed below. If you are an 8th grader, planning on playing or trying out for a HS team in any sport, you need to attend the HS Sports meeting.  If you are a 5th grade family, please plan to attend the MS Sports Meeting:

High School Sports Meeting = Tuesday, July 30st @ 6:30 pm in gym
Middle School Sports Meeting = Tuesday, August 20st @ 6:30 pm in gym

*Paperwork/Items Needed:
Paper work listed below is to be turned into the Athletic office BEFORE any student may participate in a practice/game for ANY sport. These are required by the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) and must be followed.

Item #1 = Registration!  Our registration process has changed from e-PPE / Privit and you will no longer need to register through that system.  We have pre-registered athletes for all high school fall sports. You can confirm fall registration for HS teams at the HS sports meeting or contact Coach Laird at chrlaird@heritagechristianacademymn.org. 

Item #2 = On the HCA Eagles Sports Website (hcaeaglessports.org) under the “More” / Registration tab, PRINT page 7 (MSHSL Eligibility Statement) and page 8 (MSHSL Annual Sports Health Questionnaire) of the MSHSL Eligibility Brochure—complete them and turn BOTH into the HCA ATHLETIC OFFICE!  Every athlete in 7th grade and up playing on a HS team must have the last two pages on file in the Athletic office. This form must be signed by both the parent and student and is only good for the current school year.

Item #3 = On the HCA Eagles Sports Website (hcaeaglessports.org) under the “More” / Registration tab, PRINT the MSHSL Sports Qualifying Physical Form or use a Physical Examination Form from your Health Care Provider—this must be completed and turned into the HCA ATHLETIC OFFICE!
Every athlete (MS or HS) must have a physical on file at HCA.  HCA asks that all MS students playing on a middle school team must have a physical clearance form signed/dated from a Physician on file. The student playing on a high school team must have a physical clearance form on file that is dated within the last 3 years to comply with MSHSL.

Check Powerschool for your current Medical Exam Date: When you log into Powerschool, select Grades & Attendance and scroll to the bottom of the page to find your students Medical Exam Date.  Please verify that your child(s) physical is in the required timeframe.

If you have any other questions, please call the Athletic office for further explanation. (763-463-2205 or 763-463-2204)

Thank you and we will look forward to seeing you at the sports meetings in July and August!

2020-2021 Sports Offered/Athletic Fees
MSHSL Eligibility Form
MSHSL Sports Qualifying Physical Form