MS Students on HS Teams

In an effort to offer the best experience and opportunity for our athletes; we will (in specific circumstances) allow our MS athletes to participate on high school teams. These circumstances include but are not limited to: the need to fill out an HS JV roster or to allow an athlete who has shown exceptional ability to play at a higher level. The guidelines we have established are consistent with the other schools in the MCAA.
-6th Grade – Not eligible for MSHSL high school activities.
-7th Grade – Individual invitation to try out for a high school team, based on evaluations by head coach and Athletic Director.
-8th Grade – If we decide to move up 8th graders for any reason, all 8th graders will be given an opportunity to try out in a specific sport.
We will use discretion in all situations where MS athletes participate on high school teams. We will endeavor to always act in the best interests of the athlete, their family and the development of our program.