Parent Expectations

At the start of each new year an email will be sent to all secondary parents.  In this email will be the attached document with the sports offered that year.  Listed on that page will be the sign up dates, start dates, and info on 8thgrade tryouts.  There will also be a letter on how to use e-PPE (Electronic Pre-Participation Evaluation) and sign up for sports that year and print forms that are needed in the Athletic office.
First and foremost is the paperwork that is needed before the first practice of every sport:
Middle School athletes:
All that is needed is a Physician/Clinic physical form signed by a doctor that your child is healthy to participate in sports.
High School athletes:
We are currently in a pilot program with the Minnesota State High School League and are accessing the website call e-PPE (see link under sports Information links).  The same forms are needed just access a little differently.
Two forms need to be up-to-date:
Eligibility Form/Consent to Participate – is a yearly form that needs to be on file at the start of each school year. Both student and parent signatures needed.
Physical Form  – A physician signed physical form must be on file and the date of the physical must be within the last 3 years. You can check the date of your child’s physical on your students PowerSchool logon page.
Other Expectations are:
· Be the best fan you can be and attend as many games as you can. Cheer hard in a Christ-like manner, understanding that you are setting an example for your child. Please do not coach from the bleachers or stands.
· Support the coach and team publicly at all times. This includes any yelling of criticism from the stands or talking negatively about the coach to other parents. If you have concerns, feel free to meet privately with the coach first and then if a resolution has not been established meet with the Athletic Director.
· Parents coordinate the driving for our high school games. Each high school family will need to help with driving to away games each season. Our transportation options are still limited at this time. If you are unable to drive, you will be asked to provide gas money for these games. We appreciate your support! Each season/each team we hope someone will step forward and coordinate the driving for parents/students. See attached sheet regarding student drivers.
· If transportation for your student is being supplied by others, please be very onsiderate and have arrangements made with your student for their pick –up so that coaches and drivers do not have to wait at the school upon their return. Also with the rising gas prices these days, please be aware of who is driving our athletes and help with gas costs.
· Plan to work the concession stand at least two times in any season, especially winter. This has been scheduled through our Athletic Booster Club. You will be able to pick your dates to work and after the first two weeks those who haven’t signed up will be assigned dates.
· Help your student be at all practices and games. If they must be absent, please notify their coach as soon as possible. If you cannot reach your coach, please contact the Athletic office and leave a message for the coach which will placed in their athletic mailbox.
Thank you, parents and students, for your wonderful cooperation and support as we continue to grow as an Athletic Department.